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Women's Business Center


The Objective of the Virgin Islands Women’s Business Center Initiative is to support the recovery of the Virgin Islands Economy, by encouraging (nascent and established) business owners/entrepreneurs; especially women who are economically or socially disadvantaged through comprehensive training and counseling programs on a vast array of topics in both English and Spanish. The main purpose of these programs is to help WBC clients to start and grow their own businesses.


Currently there are approximately 2000 registered women - owned businesses throughout the Territory of the Virgin Islands (St. Croix, St. Thomas and St. John). The average gross receipts reported by these businesses are $524,000.00. By implementing the above mentioned services, the IWBC estimates that the Territory will see an increase in business ownership annually, as well as an increase in gross receipts. In addition, it has been reported that small businesses have been closing at almost a 5% rate annually in the last 2 years. The reasons for these closures are: high energy costs, unstable markets, decrease in population and bad financial management. WBC programs encourage economic sustainability by encouraging new businesses and supporting the disadvantaged businesses in our community.  By educating our small business owners and promoting access to business resources (ie. SBA programs) businesses will be retained at higher levels; the population will increase and economy will show more stability and sustainability. A stable economy attracts people, new businesses and creates jobs.  IWBC and the Women’s Business Center Initiatives is an intricate part of the economic growth of the Virgin Islands.


The WBC Program offers:

* Membership Benefits

* Networking 

* Workshops and Seminars

*One one One Coaching

****and more


Loans for Women

Women in business face unique challenges and Independence Bank's Loans 4 Women program is the solution to meeting your business's financial challenges. The Loans 4 Women Program is designed by women for women to understand the juggling act needed to meet all the daily demands in a woman's life. Let IWBC via  Independence Bank assist you in meeting the financial demands of business.

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