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Integrity Women in Business Center, Inc (a 501c 3) Public Charity Organization has been established since August of 2005 and we are proud to let you know of our continued progress and community efforts.



Integrity Women In Business Center, Inc. (iwbc) strives to be nationally and internationally recognized for our responsive, innovative and effective programs and advocacy efforts. Delivering business services and financial assistance to empower women toward entrepreneurship and economic self sufficiency; IWBC will grow as a leader in women's economic development with a budget that is self sustaining. Our roster of expert trainers, industry-specific advisory boards, and a powerful Board of Directors comprised of Virgin Islands women and men considered leaders in their field will propel the organization and its mission forward.



Our long- term goal is to support and empower disadvantaged persons (especially women) of the Virgin Islands towards their goals of personal growth and financial independence. We do this through mentorship programs, educational initiatives and financial literacy seminars and workshops. It has been said that the standard of living in a community is related to the status of the women in that community. 


We believer:

  • The Women of the Virgin Islands deserve a "Women’s Business Center" that cares for the needs of women in the workforce or trying to get into the workforce.

  • The women of the Virgin Islands should have a place to go to help develop their ideas and garner the support needed to  open their own businesses.

  • Our Veterans have a place to go to discuss their future goals as they acclimatize back into their community. There is access to needed resources.

  • There is access to business people throughout the world who have turned their lives around by engaging in the types of programs that IWBC offers and would like to offer.

  • There is hope for a better quality of life for us all.




Despite making up over half the country's population, women are underrepresented in corporate enterprises and only five (5) are named to Fortune 500 CEO level status. Women's entrepreneurial issues are underrepresented in the realm of investments and business entrepreneurial training.


  • Women are nearly half the workforce, yet make up only 12% of the top executives and

      12.5% of the corporate officers.

  • Virgin Islands women-owned businesses make up only ¼ of the business population.

  • One in every 11 adult women in the U.S. owns a business. Female entrepreneurship has

      been growing at twice the national average since 1997.

  • There were 10.6 million privately-held, women-owned businesses in 2011, and there

      were another 3.9 million firms that were equally owned by a woman and a man.

  •  Women make excellent business owners


Since its inception, the IWBC is inspired to position itself to benefit entrepreneurial women in the Virgin Islands through advocacy, networking, investments and community relations. IWBC is dedicated to serving women's initiatives by providing valuable business resources and access to investment capital to women owned enterprises.

We strive to:


  • Accelerate the rate of growth of women's business and micro enterprise ownership

  • Build strategic alliances, coalitions and affiliations

  • Increase the economic impact of women-owned businesses on communities

  • Create innovative and effective change in the business culture through intrapreneurship

  • Build awareness of business ownership as a viable means of economic self-sufficiency

  • Strengthen the wealth creating capacity of members and clients and promote economic development within the entrepreneurial community SPONSORS AND PARTNERS



Marquee Contributor $15,000+

Premier Contributor $10,000 - $15,999

Major Contributor $5,000 - $10,000

Supporter $ 2,000 - $ 5,000

 Gold Partner $100 - $2000


Recognition for all levels include:


  • Business logo and link on website (size based on ranking order)

  • Newsletter recognition (published monthly)

  • Print advertisement in Annual Directory and business magazine (ad size based on sponsor level)

  • Recognition at all fundraising and WBDC produced events

      o Includes Annual Awards Luncheon

      o Annual Business Conference

      o Networking events | mixers

      o Fundraising Gala

  •  Inclusion in all IWBC advertisements

  • Inclusion in all print materials for events and invitations, center programs, event signage and

       center signage



Please feel free to come to our facility for a tour. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Besides just your sponsorship/donation, we believe it is important to build relationships with our donors and let this mission become a community effort. Become a friend and/or member of Integrity Women In Business Center, Inc. Please see our webpage at /our non profit foundation. All donations are tax –deductable and meet qualifications EDC charitable contributions.



Please make checks out to Integrity Women In Business Center, Inc. A receipt and exempt contribution letter (tax credit purposes) will be mailed to you.




Abbelle Bakr




Sponsorship Form



I ______________________________ of _______________________(Company)

Pledge donation of_____________________ to Integrity Women In Business Center, Inc.


                                    I would like to offer this for specific purpose of (circle)


                                    a) Voices Against Violence Initiative

                                    b) Other Initiative _________

                                    c) General fund

                                    d) I am interested in sponsoring # __ of members to the organization at $125.00 per member.


                    I understand that my charitable contribution is tax deductible and I will receive a letter from IWBC for tax purposes.




Please enclose check to Integrity Women In Business Center, Inc.

Mail to: PO Box 24801 Christiansted, VI 00824

Or make donations:


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