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The Agribusiness Initiative


The term "food system" is used frequently in discussions about nutrition, food. health, community economic development and agriculture. A food system includes all processes and infrastructure involved in feeding a population: growing, harvesting, processing, packaging, transporting, marketing, consumption, and disposal of food and food-related items. It also includes the inputs needed and outputs generated at each of these steps. A food system operates within and is influenced by social, political, economic and environmental contexts. It is also requires human resources that provide labor, research and education. Food systems are either conventional or alternative according to their model of food lifespan from origin to plate. IWBC supports and promotes stong cooperative agri- businesses because we believe these cooperative businesses are essential to a strong and sustainable food system. Speak to one of our Agribusiness specialist about:

Cooperative business development


Financing your cooperatives








Cooperative Office Sharing
IWBC supports entrepreneurs by offering shared work spaces.  Please contact us for more information about available spaces.


I write about entrepreneurism: the good, the bad & everything else.  

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Office space can be a drain on resources for start-up companies. Most landlords and commercial real estate brokers demand 3-5 year lease terms and personal guarantees when securing an office. This is usually not an ideal requirement for new companies who are looking to grow and avoid extra liabilities. I recommend thinking creatively about what your office space needs are and what they might be. I’ve found that thinking ahead and identifying creative approaches to office space can be a great way to save time and money.

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